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By honesty I guess I meant lie your asses off please

Remember how I said “go here and tell me about me and here and tell me about me and it will be fun and I won’t care – WOOOOOO!”? Yeah. Um. Apparently I’m a big fucking baby. (and now I’m going to blog about it. shit. kill me now.) ANYway, of course I was checking […]


The Interview – now with visual aides

You know how this works.  Someone posts an interview on their site.  They say “if you want me to interview you, let me know”.  And all the lazy ass bloggers go “ooh! me! me! me! Please God give ME something to write about!” Finally, Amy picked me. Without further delay… Miss Britt: The Interview 1. […]


Thank God For Girlfriends

Brrrriiiiinnng! Miss Britt:  Hello? A: Oh. My. GAWD I am going to kill someone. MB: Oh yeah?  What’s wrong honey? A: Well! *heavy sigh* Let me ask you – if YOU were going to leave the house for eight freaking hours would it OCCUR to you to maybe CALL someone and let them know you’re […]


But do you love me?

You guys are so nice.  Really.  I had 24 comments over at The Stache and it sounds so dorky and needy… but I appreciate it. Speaking of dorky and needy and other fun ways to describe myself… I got stuck in traffic this morning for over an hour (and while I’m sure THAT would be […]


A Call To Arms In The Battle For Miss Britt’s Supremacy

If you haven’t heard, bunny has been found.  Very few people were hurt in the search and rescue mission. And now… I have a favor to ask of you. I do this little “thing” once a month over at a blog called Burt Reynold’s Mustache.  You don’t have to go and like add it to […]


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