We never leave a man behind

Our family has suffered a terrible tragedy. Honestly, I’m not sure how we’re going to survive it. I know we’ll put one foot in front of the other, we’ll muddle through. I mean – that’s just what you DO. But it’s not going to be the same.

Bunny … is gone.

My daughter has a stuffed Rabbit. She calls her Bunny. If you ask her Bunny’s name, she’ll tell you that Bunny’s name is “Rabbit”. Bunny is Emma’s best friend.

Bunny was given to Emma as a baby gift when she was in the hospital. She was a creamy white color with that luminescent sheen that makes you go “awwwww… do babies really play with this crap?”. She had a ribbon around her neck and a pull string that would play That Lullaby That Everyone Makes Up Their Own Words To when pulled. Bunny was placed in Emma’s crib despite the Stuffed Animals Will Kill Your Baby rule… because it seemed to comfort her.

Emma has slept with bunny every night since.

More than that, she hauls bunny with her everywhere. Sometimes she carries her by the neck, and sometimes she cradles her in her arms like an infant and rocks her back and forth while whispering to her “shhhh… shhh.. is’ok”. She takes her for walks in her doll stroller, and lays her down for ni’nigh in her bed beneath her covers.
Needless to say, Emma absolutely must take bunny to day care with her. She’s required to take naps, and bunny is a part of the requisite Nap Materials.

Yesterday when I went to pick Emma up, she started to walk out of the building without bunny. Knowing the catastrophe I would encounter at bed time later that night if bunny was forgotten, I stopped and sent her back to her classroom to retrieve bunny. Except – bunny wasn’t there. Not in the cubbies, not in the nap closet, not in the bathroom, or in the pile of stuffed animals.

We looked for twenty minutes before giving up with the hope that maybe bunny had been left at home. We got home and searched every room and normal hiding spot… and still no bunny.

I had to take Emma to day care this morning without bunny. She just didn’t look… right. She asked where Bunny was… if Bunny was waitng at school for her. Her brother (and later her father) commented that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad because now Emma could finally “grow out of” her attachment. Which, OK, may be true.

But Bunny was her instant safety. Whether she was sad or scared or nervous or tired or sick or angry, all she had to do was call for “MBuuuuunnnny”, and once he arm was safely wrapped around bunny’s neck, she was soothed.

How great would it be to have one thing that could instantly make the whole world better, no matter what. One thing that you could count on that with just one touch everything really would be OK. You’d be centered and grounded and content – just like that.

Why does she have to grow out of that now?

with bunny 2

UPDATED!!!! Bunny has been rescued!!!

Sorry I didn’t get to update this sooner.  Friday night when I picked Emma up from daycare, the administrator handed me Bunny.  She said…

“I don’t know where Emma could have hidden it.  I just walked in one of the rooms today and there it was, laying in the middle of the floor.  I put it away so it wouldn’t get lost again – but I’ll watch to find her “hiding spot”.”

In all honesty, Emma helped tear that place apart so it seems unlikely she had hidden it.  But, whatever.  I was just soooo glad to have Bunny back.  And Emma saw it and her whole body shook like a little puppy she was so excited to see it.

All is right with the world again. :-) (and needless to say that I at least have a much better appreciation for the importance of Bunny)

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  1. avitable says:

    Well, Bunny looks like a dingy, gray homeless bunny now, so maybe it’s good. Otherwise, she might start getting attached to hobos.

    And I can’t believe some little shit at the daycare stole it. I can go pound some heads if need be.

  2. t says:

    I remember losing more than a few toys as a kid. Was there a catastrophe at bedtime?

  3. NotaGranny says:

    “one thing that could instantly make the whole world better, no matter what. One thing that you could count on that with just one touch everything really would be OK. You’d be centered and grounded and content – just like that.”

    She already has that…you!

  4. Wicked H says:

    A girl and her bunny ( no gutter minds!!!).

    Any chance he can be replaced by another and we could call him Rascally Rabbit aka Cousin Bunny???

  5. DeannaBanana says:

    ruh roh…yeah, how was bedtime?

  6. ANO says:

    If some little bastard stole her Bunny, heads are going to roll. Who does that?! :pissed:

  7. NYCWD says:

    First you need to bring every child that attends daycare into a room with a Guantanemo Bay Information Extractor Specialist.

    If that doesn’t work then you need to alert the local Search and Rescue team and have them bring in the hounds.

    Finally, we should lock down the state of Florida in case Bunny is trying to make a run for Ohio or Indiana or whatever state you came from before moving to civilization. Then we should do an inch by inch canvas.

    Let me know how it turns out.

    Oh… and btw… Ingrid looks ripe for a US Coastal hit between Florida and the Carolinas. Got plywood?

  8. Mom says:

    Oh my poor darling – FIND BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. AmyD says:

    If some child from the daycare took it home, wouldn’t his/her mother notice that it was a new stuffed animal and send it back? Maybe you could ask one of the people working at the daycare to check with parents. Poor baby.

  10. AmyD says:

    Oh, and btw, WHY does she need to grow out of it? She’s TWO freakin’ years old. LAME. That’s ridiculous. I had a stuffed animal I slept with every night up until 5th grade or so. Eventually, you just sort of grow out of it.

  11. Stacy says:

    my son lost his “daddy bear” (the bear dad brought the the hospital the day he was born) about a year ago and he still occasionally cries for it. The kicker is that he is 11 years old.

  12. BOSSY says:

    Wait – this is too sad. Bossy is putting herself back to bed.

  13. hellohahanarf says:

    “How great would it be to have one thing that could instantly make the whole world better, no matter what. One thing that you could count on that with just one touch everything really would be OK. You’d be centered and grounded and content – just like that.”

    i have something like that. but since your mom reads your blog, and therefore gets your commments emailed to her, i’ll avoid telling you what it is. but lemme tell you, it can make ANYTHING better.

  14. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: your attempt to slander Bunny’s good name does not mask the cuteness of how up in arms you were over the idea of someone taking Emma’s Bunny.

    Admit it. You wuv her.

    t: it wasn’t TOOOOO bad, she was obviously sad. But she did go to sleep.

    NotaGranny: I knew someone would say that. But, alas, no. I’m human – and therefore horribly flawed.

    Bunny was perfect comfort every time.

    Wicked H: I dunno… maybe.

    DeannaBanana: it could have been worse.

    NYCWD: computer models say north, IF it doesn’t die out before then.

    Mom: I’ve been TRYING mom!!!!

    AmyD: I don’t know – all the kids have back packs and stuff, who knows.

    Stacy: oh now that is adorable. And so sad.

    BOSSY: thank you! My husband can’t understand why I’m so sad over it!

    hellohahanarf: I’m pretty sure my mom is more familiar with that kind of comfort than I am. ;-)

  15. hellohahanarf says:

    did you really just say your mom is more familiar with cock than you are?!??!

  16. annie says:

    Oh, that’s sad. I had my Teddy till I was at LEAST 8. And my “blue bankie”. It went from a blanket to a knotted, small rag. I kept it in a box somewhere till I was a teenager.

    I want my Bankie!

  17. debkitty says:

    Why does anyone have to grow out of that ever??? Poor thing. I still have my blankie from when I was a baby. I is old and tattered and I re stitch it all the time, I sleep with it inside my pillow case…I guess I never grew up!

  18. DutchBitch says:

    Awwwwwwww!!! That is THE worst! :sad:

  19. Cyndi says:

    We lost our “bunny” when my son was 4 at Nursery School. What a sad, sad day for us. AND I am convinced the teachers threw bunny out because they got tired of tracking him down!

    On a side note, we left bunny at McDonald’s one afternoon. When I called to ask them if they had a rabbit there, they replied “No, but we have chicken nuggets!!!” I laughed so hard I think I wet myself.

  20. J. says:

    Awwww, poor Em. That sucks.

  21. pnbzmom says:

    My daughter has a purple chenille bear that I got for her when she was little. She was really sick and I went on a Walgreen’s run for medicine and came across this adorable purple bear. She named him “sick bear” and has slept with him since. She is now 13 yrs old and sick bear is still her main man!

    We shouldn’t have to grow out of ANYTHING that comforts us (especially at the tender age of 2)!!

  22. avitable says:

    Well, she is a cute little angel.

  23. Y2K says:

    I am ready to set up a “Get this little girl a new fucking rabbit right fucking now!” Internet marathon… if I only knew how. As a pseudo early childhood development guy I would say replace the bunny. She will grow out of the stage when it is her time, and she will always have the comfort of that bunny (or a close facsimile thereof) in her room and in her life.

    My daughter gets her driver’s permit in two weeks and her little stuffed “Bubby” bear sits by her bed to this day. And if nothing else, it make ME feel more safe and secure to know she values something that much.

  24. Miss Britt says:

    hellohahanarf: oh now YOU make it sound dirty. To be clear (hi mom!), I was NOT calling my mom a whore. I was simply saying that she is NOT a prude or likely to be offended by much of anything you post here.

    annie: seee… I never had anything like that and I always thought it was cute that she would.

    debkitty: I don’t know – her dad doesn’t get attached to much, so maybe he just doesn’t get it.

    DutchBitch: I know!! I mean, it’s not AXE MURDER or anything – but it’s bad, right?

    Cyndi: ooooh, if I found out anyone threw it out on purpose…. :violent018:

    J.: yeah, it kinda does

    pnbzmom: I know, I kind of find myself wishing I had a sick bear or bunny or blankie. I mean – how cool would that be??

    avitable: or at least appears to be

    Y2K: see, I wasn’t sure if it could be replaced. I wasn’t sure if she would take to a new bunny, or if that would defeat the point. I never had anything like that so I’m not clear on the “rules”.

  25. hellohahanarf says:

    sorry britt’s mom!! didn’t mean to be disrespectful of you in any way.


  26. Kellie says:

    My daughter hasa stuffed bunny. Her name? Bunny. Bunny is a MUST at naps and bed, when we travel away from home and when Morgan’s not feeling well. Bunny is well loved and showing it. I? DREAD the day Bunny’s head falls off or gets lost. We’ve searched all over for a back up Bunny and can’t find one.

    Poor Emma. She looks so sweet sleeping with Bunny. :(

  27. Awe. That stinks that she lost Bunny.

    Glad she slept. Hope you find out who stole him.

  28. Adrian says:

    At our house we have the “sick puppy” and everyone (except my husband) snuggles up with the sick puppy when they are ill. Its a tradition. (that thing is probably a gigantic virus/germ factory)

  29. Y2K says:

    I am all about lying make things better for me! Get as close as you can get to the old Bunny and tell her you sent it off to be polished and cleaned and made as new as possible, just like the Scarecrow and Tin man were when they went to visit the Wizard. And then if anything is different you can say they made “Improvements!!” All new Bunny! With Scotchgard protection for dragging across floors and dropping in rainy parking lots.

  30. Y2K says:

    I guess your other choice is to include her in finding a replacement. She can work out all the qualities a good bedtime buddy should have. Soft, cuddly, sweet disposition, doesn’t wet the bed, etc. Then you can make a day of shopping.

    Me, I am a guy and am perfectly comfortable with lying to chicks to get the end result I wanted. But I understand some people are weird.. I mean.. Different, so you might want to make a shopping trip adventure.

  31. Oh – that sucks! We had a bunny named Molly. Molly went everywhere, did everything with us. One day Molly managed to *poof* disappear in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Oh, the tears! Lucky for us, the lady who gave us Molly had a spare one. But I know the sadness of loosing a precious wubby. I hope Bunny turns up.

  32. [...] Miss Britt has lost a bunny. Has anyone seen it? [...]

  33. I still have my Winnie the Pooh that I got as a newborn. While I don’t sleep with him anymore, he does resisde close by so I have him close if I need a little extra comfort. I hope the bunny-knapper brings him back!

  34. Man. What a sweet/sad/sweet post.

  35. usedtobeme says:

    I remember once when my now 10 yr old lost Georgie her monkey. she has had him since she was 4 days old. He went everywhere. Was the only calming effect on her. One day, he bounced out of the stroller and was never seen again. I searched high and low, found another through a Russ dealer, paid some ungodly amount to have it shipped to me and she still has him to this day. She knows he is Georgie II and that is fine with her. We found another on Ebay and bought him too. He lives on a shelf until she moves out and then she’ll have two of them. She still sleeps with him every single night. they don’t have to grow out of it. Can You find another?

  36. Manic Witch says:

    When Agatha was born, my brother got her a cabbage patch monster doll and we named her Abigail. For 3 years they were AgathaandAbigail. Right after Endora was born I called my BFF Jill and said “you should see how much hair Abigail has.” BFF Jill was confused and said “I thought if you had a girl you were going to name her Endora.” “I did say Endora.” “No, you said Abigail.”

    I think we still have her somewhere.

  37. geek says:

    How do you stand being in the same room with all that cuteness?

  38. Poppy says:

    I had a blankie until I was *muffled response* and several stuffed animals that I have right over there which I don’t do anything with now but did carry around as a kid. I side with everyone and anyone who suggested asking the kids (well, their parents) where Bunny Rabbit ran off to.

  39. Mrs RW says:

    Our 27-year-old Kelly still has her bunny; or I should say a loosely held together collection of threads. We tried buying extras when she was little, but no deal: didn’t feel right, smell right, work right for her. Many, many trips over the years to locate it when left behind somewhere. Of course now she has her boyfriend, so bunny’s finally getting a rest.

    4-year-old Princess Granddaughter is a little more flexible. She has two blankies that stay at Grandmas and these are acceptable substitutes for Bear Blankie if she forgets to bring him. She boosted Bear Blankie from Target rolled up in her shirt when she was 2; her logic was that “the tags were gone” so it was hers.

    She originally started out with white/blue/yellow blankies from Carter’s that I immediately bought 6 of so that we’d have spares. Over her first 2 years they became lost, too dirty, etc. They’ve been discontinued by Carter’s but they can be found on e-Bay for over $50 bucks a piece!

    Morale of the story: buy big lots of anything that is a “lovey”. Replacement cost? Priceless.

  40. Summer says:

    She’s beautiful and looks so peaceful. I’ve been in your shoes with a lost favorite thing except my son was attached to a little plastic rake that came with a sandpail. Go figure.

  41. DeannaBanana says:

    hahaha, Summer! That is the best ever–but I cant imagine a plastic rake being all that fun to sleep with. That is hilarious!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Well, I think you should explain it’s importance to Emma & have the teacher send home a note asking parents to make sure their child didn’t bring it home. Surely the parents would understand.

    I don’t think she has to grow out of it either, it’s too cute & she’s too cute & little. Plus you may want to tell hubby, the sooner the bunny is gone, the sooner she’ll start liking BOYS! (not insinuating that is gonna happen now)

  43. maisha says:

    babykins,sorry i disappeared.im back now.this post made me cry.it made me cry because i just recently found and almost immediately lost my very own bunny.i feel for emma.i really do.and im actually crying lol.

    i hope you find bunny.i have not gone through the comments yet i just had to say what im feeling now but if you have emma’s world will be a happier.pay a visit to my blog for i want to share what i am going through with all vaginas in the world lol!pussies unite!

  44. Miss Britt says:

    hellohahanarf: lol, I don’t think she was offended or disrespected. ;-)

    Kellie: yeah, she does – and we have a back up now… but bunny has been found!

    themuttprincess: I don’t know if it was stolen or WHAT – but glad to have it back.

    Adrian: oh I would pay to see my husband snuggled up to a stuffed animal – that is adorable.

    Y2K: Nana found Bunny’s Cousin and put her on a train. ;-)

    Crazy Lady in Vegas: Bunny DID turn up and Emma was VERY excited to see her.

    WanderingGirl: I think that would be cool to have something from way back in your childhood like that.

    Rich: yeah – kind of a sweet/sad day.

    usedtobeme: even though Original Bunny has showed up, I’m relieved my mom sent a replacement… just in case.

    Manic Witch: eh, my mom used to call my brother by the dog’s name.

    geek: when the cuteness gets to be too much, she lays on the floor and starts throwing a temper tantrum. So then I send her into the other room where she can lay on the floor and cry in peace. :-)

    Poppy: I have my suspicions that is what happened… but don’t even care.

    Mrs RW: yeah – if only there was a way to know which thing they would decide to attach to!!

    Summer: LOL, my little brother was attached to a red toy gun. Awkward for naps – and church.

    DeannaBanana: yeah…. boys are strange.

    Anonymous: I am going to have a hard time convincing dad she is EVER going to like boys. LOL BTW – why Anonymous?!

    maisha: we did find it, thank you

  45. avitable says:

    I’m glad you found it, but I just ordered this thing called “The Rabbit” for her to have instead!

  46. Peggy says:

    Trent had “teddy” when he was little that served the same purpose as Bunny does for Emma. Once, he left Teddy sunbathing out by the pool on vacation the morning before we left for home.

    Needless to say, I had to pay to have Teddy shipped back to us. That was a hard 5 days without Teddy.

    Glad she has her friend back.

  47. Sarcastica says:

    I used to have a bunny that was my security blanket. I put all of my stuffed animals into a box and put them in the storage room for when I have kids, since I had no room in my bedroom for my giant collection. My dad then took them to the Salvation Army, so buhbye bunny :( I was devastated…

    I’m glad Emma has her bunny back, and what an adorable picture!

  48. Lynda says:

    Ok, I had an Arlie until I was 16 years old. I still have Arlie, he just stays in a box away from the dogs now. I think you are right. She doesn’t need to grow out of it yet. Just give her time, and she can decide when. Boys!

    I am glad you found bunny!

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