I feel like I need to update you guys on what’s going on.

But right now… I just can’t.

I can tell you it has to do with the move.

And that I can’t get into it online.

And that nothing seems Fair right now.

And that my faith is on shaky ground.

And that it feels like I have cried more in the last 18 hours than I have in months.

For the first time in a long time, I really don’t know if “everything’s going to be all right”.

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  1. ADW says:

    The same offer is open to you as the one you gave me. If you need an unbiased ear, e-mail me and let me know…. Kisses to you my darling. Just remember that it is easier to question your faith than to stand strong for something that is intangible.

  2. OH honey………..I hope that everything turns out for the best. You can call me anytime!

  3. avitable says:

    Ok, ok.

    I know that you are upset that I said I was going to be completely naked while helping you move. But I promise – I won't do the truffle shuffle! Or bend over for extended periods! Or do jumping jacks! And I won't sexually abuse Jared, even though he has a girl's butt!

    See? It will all be fine.


  4. Angel says:

    Sending you a million and two hugs :hug: . I don't know what is going on, but you and your family are in my prayers. :heartbeat:

  5. debkitty says:

    Well my curiosity is more than peeked.

    I hope whatever it is you grab it by the balls and squash it! Everything will be fine, chin up buttercup! :hug:

  6. gerg t says:

    REMEMBER God will only give you as much as you can handle. Ya gotta trust that…

  7. J. says:

    It'll all be okay.

    Moves are stressful … and yours is one helluva move.

  8. Kellie says:

    I'm sorry…for whatever has happened….for whatever is making you cry. I'm just sorry :(

  9. Victoria says:

    :whosnext: I know people, give me names and addresses and all will be well.

    Seriously, I am sorry life sucks right now, I'll send out a prayer for you.

  10. Duderoo. Whatever it is, you'll be cool eventually.

    Sorry things are sucky for the moment.

  11. hellohahanarf says:

    i'm so sorry to hear that you are upset enough to question your faith and cry often. please know that many people around the country are reading this and praying for you…we are in your corner and send you nothing but the best.

    good luck.

  12. Blue Momma says:

    Sending good ~vibes~ your way. Hang in there. Florida is too damn hot anyway.

  13. JustMe says:

    hugs. i am going through moving issues myself right now too. i am near you.

  14. Webmiztris says:

    well, that doesn't sound good. not one bit. I wish I knew what you were referring to. I'm thinking about moving and how much it sucks, but even my wild imagination can come up with anything that could be that bad! good luck, britt.

  15. Annie says:

    :violent006: I have a chainsaw and I've seen other people use it. Just say the word and be sure that you're standing behind me when I get this baby started!

    Seriously – remember that while we have free will, this unfortunately means that the a-holes in the world have it also and they can make things hard for us sometimes… but everything WILL be ok, because He promises that you are never alone… ESPECIALLY when it really sucks and you feel the most alone… yep he's still there… and his heart hurts when yours does – because he loves you… like you love your kids.

    If hearing a first hand account of his faithfulness would help you, email me… otherwise know that MY refound faith is praying for yours to be sustained.

  16. DutchBitch says:

    Awwww Hon! Don't tell me that the financing has fallen thru??? Or the financing of one of your buyers??? Sending Dutchy Vibes! Hope everything works out… *drying your tears*

    Had it been Avi or Fab I would've told you to rest your head on my cleavage and I'll console you, but somehow I think that won't do it for ya… So strike that… :heartbeat:

  17. Trish K says:

    Lots of hugs and loves coming from Florida. It is not too hot here….it is humid!! :heartbeat:

  18. usedtobeme says:

    Your stress level is maxed out. Crying is normal (I think). Right before my move, I was picking up some takout food with my brother. We were sitting on a bench in a mexican food restraunt, and I started bawling. For no reason at all. And then I couldn't stop. For like, 4 hours. I didn't even eat.

    Now I have a bench in my front yard and my brother always asks when I'm having a bad day if we need to go "sit on the bench and get it all out." He is a fucker. :heartbeat:

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way and hoping that whatever it is – you can kick it in the junk and be done with it.

  20. Joefish says:

    Want a hug? Or a shot? Both?

  21. Blonde Chick says:

    :confused: hang in there, kiddo. When you're ready to talk it out, we're all here to listen. We can also offer a shoulder, Kleenex and stiff drink if necessary.

  22. :martini: Here ya go. Chin up now. :)

  23. heather says:

    You offered to be there for me when I needed someone. Now I'm here if you need someone. Really. I am.

  24. Jen says:

    Lots of hugs!!! Whatever it is, I hope it wil be all right!

  25. Trish K says:

    I also have some nice wine…faith allows wine, chilled…served while you are in the pool with the new remote controlled drink server thingy that Not A Grampy just bought.

  26. QofD says:

    Aw crap. I'm sorry! Is there anything an anonymous group of blog commenters can do for you?

  27. Selling houses, moving ANYWHERE, house-hunting is stressful as hell and can cause crying jags even for those who have moved a jillion times. Throw any other issues into the mix, and the result is emotional wreckage. I hope that whatever the "issue" is that it gets resolved soon.

  28. Jester says:

    Would it help if I sang you a happy song? I can't really do much else, since I'm broke and on the verge of homelessness. :)

    I could tell you tales of woe that make your problems seem a little less stressful…

    Or I could just say, here's hoping that everything works out for you and you can laugh about it later.

    Your choice!

  29. Gabrielle says:

    If all else fails I have access to a wood chipper :thumbsup: so just let me know if you want me to fire it up!

    I hope things get better for you!

  30. This too shall pass.

    I hope that today is better than yesterday!

    Lemme know if you want an ear or eye. (phone, email.)

  31. Wicked H says:

    Sending many, many Hugs!!!

  32. jennyryan says:

    I'm so sorry things are so stressful for you right now. :(

  33. JSauce says:


    De-lurking to say fuck the fucking fuckers.

    That is all. :-)

  34. christie says:

    You've been nominated for a (few) RFS Blog Award(s)! Yay!

  35. janelle says:

    Hey Brit!! Remember what I say..this time next year, this will all be just a memory…good or bad…it will still just be a memory…I am sending good vibes your way. Moving/Buying/Selling…it all SUCKS and takes a toll on you. I said many times when we were buying our new house, "Buying a house should be like buying new car. You get tired of the old one, trade it in for a new one. The whole thing doesn't take longer than a few hours." Why oh why can't buying a new house be like buying a new car or trading in your old one??!! I mean COULD there BE anymore paperwork and stupid shit to buying and selling a home?? It takes all the fun out it!! But it will be worth it when you spend your first night in your new home. Just imagine sitting in your new living room that first night. Sitting on the floor, boxes everywhere, eating pizza you ordered (after trying to remember your new address) and watching a DVD because you dont' have cable yet…when you are sitting there with your family and Adam (LOL) you will be happy and it will all be worth it!! It's kinda like having a baby. It hurts like hell, but you forget and have another one. Ok, well maybe moving isn't like having a baby, but you get the idea…YOU GOT THIS BRIT!! You are going to be fine and everything will work out the way it should work out, good or bad, it will work itself out, I promise!!

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