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Clusterfucked: Part 3

Today the Three Stooges are featuring a Round Robin of fiction.  Here’s how it works… Read Part 1 of today’s story at Avitable’s blog. then hop on over to read Part 2 at Amy’s Musings. And then, and only then, you can read part 3 here. No.  Seriously.  You have to go over to the […]


Yes, Virginia, there is a God

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to be a discussion about whether there is, or is not a God. Nor is it a debate on whether you – or anyone – should or should not be a Christian. And, this post isn’t EXACTLY about the Virginia Tech shootings. Because honestly? We all know there isn’t […]


Private. Post.

There is a private post. You have to be: *registered *logged in *given a certain level of “access” …to read it. If you are registered, logged in, and unable to scroll down and see a post?  It means I don’t know who the fuck you are.  Seriously, people.  All you have to do is register, […]


Because there just isn’t time yet…

…to do a full post. (Ok, so I’m editing it to make this slightly less sucky for you all.) I have decided to quit my job, pack up my family, and move to Orlando so that I can star in an Internet talk show. I’m going to be huge. This is the pilot episode…. You […]


I just never get tired of the accolades

I’ve seen this going around and to be honest I have been a bit disgusted that none of you have nominated me before now.  I mean, really!  Who makes you THINK more than me?  What other blogger can make you think about Prince’s hot, sweaty goodness?  What other blogger makes you think “if there is […]


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