Because I use The Internet to make me feel special

Do you think it says something about me that I check my comments on here several times a day?  Or that I get giddy when I get a new MySpace add from one of you?

I mean, sure it says something.  But does it says anything better than “Oh My God Woman You Need To Find Some Inner Peace And Validation Because Holy. Crap.  It’s the Internet!!”?

Someday I should probably look into that.  And really dig deep.  And maybe, just maybe, expand my horizons.  And stuff.

But not today. Today?  Is all about you.  And me.  And how much I need you to love me. (insert autoplay of “I Waaaaant. You. To Want Me…..”)

Specifically, I need you to love me more than Dooce.  For some of you this will be easy because you hate that woman just on principal – really big, successful blogger equals EVIL.  And I will totally take advantage of that right now.  Seriously.  Do you want her to win?  If she WINS, the terrorists lose.  Shit.  No.  Wait.  I mean, uh…


Ahem.  Sorry. Give me a minute to pick up the pieces of my dignity.  I’m sure there are pieces around here somewhere…

Ah yes.  Here they are.  No.  Wait.  That’s not my dignity.  That’s where I’ve been nominated as Hottest Mommy Blogger.  I’m trying not to be insulted as being tagged a “Mommy Blogger” – I mean, I do have kids, technically.  And it’s pretty easy to gloss over the whole Mommy Blogger thing by jumping straight to Hottest.

HAWT, y’all.  Hottest.  And I know you do not believe me so let me show you the BADGE. I have an official BADGE!!!



So.  Here is what I need from YOU, Dear Internet. (insert big smiles and batting eyelashes HERE).  I need you to Click on the badge, or any of the links that I have already littered this post with.  You will need to register (rememeber how much you loooove me, how much I neeeeed you), and then, find everything I have been nominated for and vote for me.

Extra credit if you get YOUR readers to vote for me too. :-D

Am I not worthy of your love and all of the pain in the ass of registering?  Do you not want to see me absolutely GIDDY with victory?  Really?

Check it.

sleeping baby 

If you can say no to THAT, well, man, you have no SOUL! (In which case, I would like to offer you a small piece of mine in exchange for your vote.  Thanks.)

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  1. CP says:

    Got your back girl on the Hot Mommy Blogger! Go hit me up for the Best Shopping Blog! We are gonna so totally rock the big ones! You, me, NYCWD, Avitable, Fab…let’s take down the monster that is Dooce!!! *LOL*

    Good luck girl…and happy easter!


  2. avitable says:

    Awwww…..such a cute whore!

  3. AmyD says:

    I love that picture. Mommy Blogger… HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. That is a cute ass pic! Gives me a warm and fuzzy. I believe I voted for yas. I dunno who else I could have possibly voted for as Hot Mommy Blogger…..

  5. Joefish says:

    Wait… since when did you become a mommy blogger? Don't you have to write about cute diapers or something?

  6. avitable says:

    It's all reading between the lines. When you do that, all you see is "My kids are awesome – they're so special and they're the best in the world and I define myself by being a mom".

  7. Mr. Fabulous says:

    You KNOW you've got my vote!

  8. The Chad says:

    hhmmmmm…….soul for vote. I'll take that deal!

    Sweet…now what shall I do with my new piece of soul?

  9. Miss Britt says:

    First, thank you, to those of you who actually showed up and commented today!! Dang!

    CP: Deal! You got my vote!

    avitable: says the furry pimp ;-)

    AmyD: I don't know what you're laughing at whore. If I'm a mommy blogger you're Mother Freaking Dearest.

    themuttprincess: thanks – I like fuzzy!

    Joefish: I write about shit. Does that count?

    avitable: Really? Awesome. I feel like a much better parent now, thank you.

    Mr. Fabulous: Thankes babe!

    The Chad: I like to use mine for self righteous indignation. Just a thought.

  10. ANO says:

    You got my vote!

  11. J. says:

    Who couldn't help but love you after seeing that last pic?

    Way too cute.

    I did all my voting the other day. Voted for all you crazy nutbars.

    It should be like AI where I can vote like one milliontrillion times. Bummer.

    PS – Love the new look!

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