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This post was too long for me to re-read for editing purposes

I had a well thought out post planned.  No, really, I did.  But my head hurts from this fucking cold.  And I’m so pissed and annoyed right now it’s hard to be coherent. I should save this post for tomorrow and have an official FOADT post.  But, I’m annoyed by actual PEOPLE, rather than groups […]


Dear God I should have just gone back to bed

It’s 6:30am and I just got home from the gym.  I had to type the word “home” 4 times before I got it right.  I’m still a little light headed.  Apparently I’m too fat for working out. Seriously – this feels like drunk blogging.  Minus the booze.  And the boobs. Speaking of boobs… I was […]


The Good Christian Wife

To My Friend, You and I have never met face to face.  It seems presumptuous of me to offer any kind of “advice” or “help”.  Especially knowing that I will probably never be close enough to provide as much as a hug. But I worry about you.  I worry because it seems that you are […]


Unveiling for a good cause… or at least, a worthy one

I love the Internet.  Blogs, chat rooms, forums – they all allow us to be whoever we want to be from behind the safety of our computer screens and keyboards. We can be sexy and witty and charming and confident – even if we’re really closet wall flowers with warts, acne and little self esteem. […]


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:  I just got news that the other house we own is going to be vacant soon.  Which means we get to sell it.  Which means, eventually – if everything goes according to plan (why the fuck am I even saying that??) – we will be able to get rid of damn near all […]


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