I’m recovering…

I’ll be a little AWOL.  I need a moment to recover from…

One Thanksgiving meal cooked at my house.

Four Thanksgiving dinners dutifully attended.

One Christmas/Family reunion

Two encounters with Santa that scared the shit out of my daughter

Three poker nights “hosted” by my husband

Two out of the last four nights with roughly four hours of sleep

Seven hours traveling in a car with two pissed off kids

Twelve hours of Black Friday shopping

And of course, one happy-ass customer who was “surprised” that I wasn’t in the office on Friday.

Yeah.  Happy Fucking Holidays.

Check out my renter chica.  At the very least, I can about guarantee none of you have read her before.

I’ll be in finer form 24 hours from now, I promise.

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  1. jane says:

    For a moment there, I thought I was reading A Partridge in a Pear Tree. :lol:

    You shopped on Black Friday?????? And survived? I've never known anyone personally who has done this, so may I just say…it's very nice to know you. If you see any of my comments on blogs about those 'psycho people' who shop on Black Friday, I was not referring to you. I am in awe of you! If you ever need something to write about, PLEASE tell us about this experience. 12 hours? That's more hours than I'm usually awake!! haha

    About the Santa Claus thing, I hear ya. I don't think it's a good experience for most kids. Luckily now though, you can just photoshop her next to Santa in the future. :wink:

    One day, in like 15 years, you'll be able to relax & just do nothing for the holidays. OR you could teach your kids how to cook & get a break sooner rather than later.

  2. Mist 1 says:

    Why on earth did you shop on Friday?

  3. Barb says:

    Partridge in a Pear Tree. LOL! I hope you recover soon. And the Christmas template looks great!!!

  4. NYC Watchdog says:

    You guys host a whole lotta poker… I so haven't had a game in SO long… :roll:… maybe I'll crash one…

  5. avitable says:

    Because she lives to shop, that’s why. Mist, I’m surprised you don’t understand that.

  6. Wicked H says:

    Snort….I read that you had 3 pork her nights in a row. Whose mind is in the gutter?

  7. AmyD says:

    That does not sound like a fun holiday weekend. And, ummm, hey where are my dining room pics?

  8. DutchBitch says:

    OMG! Wow… It's a miracle you were able to type up this post…

    Easy does it… Relax… Reload… :???:

  9. Miss Britt says:

    jane: am i not going to have to work in 15 years? because that would kick ass

    Mist 1: yeah, what Avi said. it's GLORIOUS and the only bright light in my psychotic "weekend"

    avitable: you know me so well :-D

    Barb: thanks ;-)

    NYC Watchdog: I'd invite you to BFE to crash ours… but for a $5 entry fee it might not be worth the trip.

    Wicked H: I've been too tired for pork her night *sigh*

    AmyD: on their way, I promise!!

    Dawn (webmiztris): I got a Sirius Sportster Replay for my husband for Christmas… for FREE. Totally. Worth it.

    DutchBitch: I think I'm taking a Relax and Reload day on Thursday. God willing.

  10. Delite says:

    12 hours of shopping? I only made it about 4, did you get it all done?

  11. aye yi yi – I’ve done the Black Friday thing before and I’ve decided the deals (as good as they are) aren’t worth dealing with that many frustrated shoppers!

  12. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Would you feel better if I sang some nursery rhymes to you? :grin:

  13. Suck it up, Britt. Suck it up.

  14. I tried to eat 2 pies in 4 days… by myself. Oh, there were other people there, but the pies were all mine.

  15. Miss Britt says:

    Delite: No, I didn't get it all done – but I'm going to the Mall of America in two weeks so I should finish up then.

    Mr. Fabulous: yes, yes I would ;-)

    Rich: why do you always have to be the guy to tell me what I NEED to hear?

    wanderinggirl: LOL, oh man… I wouldn't be walking

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