Archive for October, 2006

Julia Roberts spotted in mid-morning traffic

A funny thing happened on the way to the office today…. As per my usual morning commute routine, I had my iPod/iTrip blaring on my Prince Playlist.  I was rockin’ out as one does when they’re isolated with good Prince tunes. Kiss comes on.  Man I love that song.  I’m “smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch […]


My therapist is Dr. Google

If I manage to make this post have any kind of “flow”, I deserve a freaking award.  Or a book deal.  Consider that your warning. This morning in the shower I had the usual 7 AM Conversation with myself. “What in the hell are you going to blog about today?  There was that one funny […]


The Wide World Of Sports, according to Miss Britt

I love sports – in my own too-girly to have ever played them myself kind of way.  I love football and wrestling and baseball and any sport when it gets to “playoff” time.  I love the drama and tragedy and excitement.  I love a good comeback.  I love the good guys who fight the good […]


I. Rock. (and so does D)

Check this shit out. I finally figured it out! Fuck, yeah. Now if I want to talk about my BFBWGF – you will all know who I’m talking about. Or, if I’m telling a story about MHTJA, you’ll be able to differentiate between that and MHTH.  You may even understand TGWWBQ and TBWWBH. I’m so […]


While the Cat’s away…

Yeeee HA!  My boss is gone today.  So I can finally get to updating my blog, surfing, figuring out how to do that cool ass “acronym defined by hover” thing that D has on her new site, and possibly finding a spell check plug in that will actually work (if anyone suggests ajax I am likely […]


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